12 Days of Christmas 2012

12 days
Welcome to the Twelve Days for Christmas for 2012.

Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe you are more a Haj, Chanuka or Bodi day kind of person. It doesn’t matter, this applies to everyone.
Last year I put out the 12 Days Challenge and it got a great response so here it is again.

Here is your challenge for the

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next twelve days. Don’t forget, that they are cumulative, just like the song. That is, on the first day, you give the first thing. One the second day, you give the second thing and then the first thing. On the third day you give the third thing, the second thing and then the first and so on.

Your Twelve Days and their challenges:
On the first day of Christmas I gave to my partner or best friend, an extra long and extra firm hug.
On the second day of Christmas I gave to a person on the road, 2 moments to cut in ahead of me.
On the third day of Christmas I gave to the person on the street $3 for a coffee treat.
On the fourth day of Christmas I gave to a member of my team, 4 minutes to tell me what they thought of me.
On the fifth day of Christmas I gave to myself 5 minutes of mediation.
On the sixth day of Christmas I gave to my family, six minutes of singing silly songs.
On the seventh day of Christmas I gave to my kids, seven minutes of undivided attention.
On the eighth day of Christmas I searched my memory for eight things I learned from this year.
On the ninth day of Christmas I wrote in my diary, nine goals for the coming year.
On the tenth day of Christmas I gave to my friends, ten minutes of non-stop praise.
On the eleventh day of Christmas for my sanity, I gave myself an eleven minute bath (Frankincense and Myrrh is optional).
On the twelfth day of Christmas I committed to the community twelve hours of my time as a volunteer.

It is ALMOST singable to the original tune!! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it perfect but do act on as many as you can. Carry the spirit of Christmas and giving with you as you do.

PS I know that the 12 Days of Christmas don’t officially start until the 29th of December but I thought I would get in early! Have a fabulous festive season and here is to a magnificent 2013

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