Are You Protecting Your Assets?

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Are You Protecting Your Assets?
In business and life it is important to protect your assets. Sometimes our most important assets are not “things” but “skills.” 

For example, as a Master of Ceremonies and Event Strategist, my most important asset is my ability to talk. Unfortunately I did not protect that asset and I have lost my voice! (The good news is that for the first time in a long time, my wife can finish her own sentences without me interrupting!)

I was speaking at a gig on Thursday last week – it was pretty warm and I was drinking ice water before I spoke. At the end my voice was a little strained but I thought it would recover. I was then MC at a wedding on Saturday night. I had spent the day chatting with a friend who had come down from Queensland and then the wedding venue was noisy so you had to shout to talk. The PA was poor quality so I strained the strain. As you may expect, the best thing to do is to not talk and let it recover. But Wifey and I had lunch and dinner planned with two sets of friends on Sunday. I tried not to talk but I can’t help myself. 
This morning I have a very sore throat and minimal voice.

This all started with the Ice Water. If you are a performer, you must only drink room temperature water as it keeps your vocal chords flexible and ready to work. I know this but still I did not protect my assets.

What about you? What assets do you need to protect? How will you do that?

If one of your assets is to Sell or Generate leads, then let me help you look after your asset. On Tuesday 4th December in Melbourne we are running a 2 1/2 hr workshop on 5 Keys to Successful Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship. I would love you to be my guest. Simply use the Code EASCOMP when you register here and there will be no charge for you to attend. See you there!

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