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  • Last week I was lucky enough to give away a holiday for two people, including tickets to the Super Bowl in Houston, worth over $20,000. It was all part of Air New Zealand’s new launch of Dave, the Frequent […]

  • This is the venue where I am hosting the 2016 Professional Conference Organisers Association Conference.

    Everything is good to go.
    The venue is all dressed up.
    My run sheets are finalised. […]


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    Having a Vision for the future is so important. It drives your actions and desires and gives you a reason to do what you do. It helps define your “Why.”

    Of late, we have seen […]

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    It has been said that business is a game. If so, how do you play?
    Who is the winner at the end?
    Who is the winner as you go?

    The arts are a great place for competition. The true […]

  • Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and all of a sudden you have nothing to say?

    By the time you think of what you need to say it’s 30 minutes later in an elevator! In your head you have the […]

  • “Whaaaat? But it’s only October?”

    You are right. It is only October and already I am having discussions with people about next year.
    Some of these discussions about holidays, some are about conference […]

  • This month I was supposed to be exhibiting at the Australian Book Expo. Due to factors beyond their control, it unfortunately had to be cancelled.

    So I thought, why not have my own little book expo […]

  • It’s Upside Down
    I’m not sure about you, but we seem to have it backwards sometimes.  The BIG things seem to be small and the LITTLE things seem to be big.
    I spent the day with my gorgeous wife yesterday visi […]

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    How was your week? Did you do some amazing things?

    I did. I did some cool things with cool people. I went to some amazing places. I even did some simple things as well as some things I […]

  • Many of us have a job, some of us work for ourselves and others are business caring for others (kids, family and so on).
    As some stage, most people have the thought, “There has to be more than this.”

    The […]

  • Humans don’t like change. We love our routine and the sense of control that “same” brings.
    Many people have challenged me on that statement. Upon further discussion, the person challenging me has “their […]

  • This is my gorgeous wife, beside herself during a dusk walk at Cardinia Reservoir.

    Yes, it’s a sneaky little trick you can do when shooting in panorama mode.
    Yes, it would be good to be able to clone […]

  • So many businesses are haemorrhaging money and they don’t even know it. One of the key places they waste money is in their advertising. 
    Each week businesses spend thousands on letterbox drops, local paper ad […]

  • If you have ever been to a “gig” you will have heard roadies and sound teams up on the microphone, “check one two, check check, one two onnnne two two t t t two”.

    Make all the jokes you want about roadies […]

  • Aren’t these lovely horses? Such majestic creatures. Except that last night, I was swearing at them!
    It was late at night, I was tired, it was dark, it was raining and five of them got out and I could not […]


    It’s fantastic when your problems get upgraded.

    We had a large gumtree that had been diagnosed with internal rot. It was in danger of dropping a limb on the house or the house next door.
    As you […]

  • It can be confusing in business today to truly understand who your customer is:

    Is it the person buying something from you?
    Is it the person supplying you something to sell?
    Is it the person who […]

  • I was at a funeral recently and it was sad. It was sad that my friends husband had died and even sadder that the priest shifted the attention off the man who had died and on to himself.

    I have seen this […]

  • I have just taken on another mentoring client.

    They are a leader in their industry, have a significant presence in the market and are excellent at what they do but they charge only about 30% of the aver […]

  • It’s winter in Australia and down south we are having a few cold nights. That’s when it is great to huddle around a fire, feel the warmth and connect with those around you.

    But the fire doesn’t keep alive […]

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