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  • Aren’t these lovely horses? Such majestic creatures. Except that last night, I was swearing at them!
    It was late at night, I was tired, it was dark, it was raining and five of them got out and I could not […]


    It’s fantastic when your problems get upgraded.

    We had a large gumtree that had been diagnosed with internal rot. It was in danger of dropping a limb on the house or the house next door.
    As you […]

  • It can be confusing in business today to truly understand who your customer is:

    Is it the person buying something from you?
    Is it the person supplying you something to sell?
    Is it the person who […]

  • I was at a funeral recently and it was sad. It was sad that my friends husband had died and even sadder that the priest shifted the attention off the man who had died and on to himself.

    I have seen this […]

  • I have just taken on another mentoring client.

    They are a leader in their industry, have a significant presence in the market and are excellent at what they do but they charge only about 30% of the aver […]

  • It’s winter in Australia and down south we are having a few cold nights. That’s when it is great to huddle around a fire, feel the warmth and connect with those around you.

    But the fire doesn’t keep alive […]

  • For the first time ever, I was actively interested in the outcome of the Australian election. 
    At the time of writing, it seems that the answer to the Australian Electoral Commission’s question above is that […]

  • There is so much about elections in the news at the moment. From Trump vs Clinton to Brexit to our very own federal election here in Australia. The impact of these elections is unknown, widely speculated upon […]

  • Oh dear. I am turning into one of those grumpy old men who talk about how it was in the “old days”. But I am not the only one who is grumpy.

    I have posted a few things on social media recently about guns, […]

  • Each of us has at least one (but usually way more) Every Day Super power. It’s just a simple thing that you do incredibly well.

    One of mine is making great coffees. Not barista, high pressure, super duper […]

  • The End is coming!!!

    OK – so it is just the end of the financial year. Nothing too dramatic but it can still be messy if you are not prepared.

    Now many people roll their eyes and then glaze over when […]

  • The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s home for smart, passionate and entertaining public talks on every topic.

    Coming out of some of their talks, they have placed “Discussion Markers” around the city of […]

  • Meet George (and his two adoring fans).

    George is the colossal coffee machine at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre.
    George dispenses love in the form of coffee.
    George has lots of fans and people […]

  • Img: WikiArt

    I love starry nights. Even Van Gough’s classic above is fantastic. The problem with living in the city is that they are hard to see.

    Last night I drove a friend to a country location where […]

  • There are so many reasons to celebrate.

    Yesterday was Mothers day, my brother also turned 50, my sister has a recently purchased a new house, I just turned 48, my dog is awesome and I have the best wife in […]

  • Whew! After 4 and a bit weeks of touring around the USA and Canada and meeting interesting people, places and things, we are home. 

    While it was a great time, there were a few challenges (part of the […]

  • This weekends Certified Speaker Professional Summit was held in Denver Colorado. 

    I got so excited because on the second day IT SNOWED! 

    Now the others at the conference were less than excited. Snow c […]

  • In two sleeps, my gorgeous wife and I are off to the other side of the world. As you can see, Google Maps optimistically says it will take 14 hours and 10 minutes to get there. You and I know it will take a […]

  • Oh My Lawks A Lordy!!

    Thank you so much for your support with the Get More Success show launch.

    It went off with a huge bang. At one stage it was number 2 on the business podcast list (ahead of Seth […]

  • WOO HOO!!

    I am so excited that after some serious procrastinating, some hard work, bursts of inspiration, serious doubts, more procrastinating, more work, home made design, a lot of interviewing, a stack of […]

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