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  • Recently my mum got a new car. The Nissan Qashqai (pronounced Cash Ky or Cash Cow as we refer to it). She loves it. It has all the bells and whistles, lots of get up and go and is really comfy. The sales […]

  • One of the key things you need to know as a speaker (or as a budding rock star) is that the audience want to take you home. 

    They may have only heard you for an hour or two but there is a connection and […]

  • My gorgeous wife and I seem to have a penchant for goat based cafes.

    We had three attempts at getting to the Giddy Goat cafe in Yarck before we actually made it on a time and date it was open. Recently we […]


    It was a big weekend after an even bigger week.

    Friday I was hosting a client “talk show” to profile their new and upcoming software releases for their top 70 clients. There was a teenage birthday. […]

  • AIME2016 is on this week. That’s the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo. It is held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and it is a real focus for the meetings industry. It is always good […]

  • It was Valentines Day yesterday. The day that cynical people agree card companies and florists created to increase sales.

    The less cynical among us would say it is a great day to celebrate our love in the […]

  • I was unexpectedly on radio this week.

    My lovely friends Mel Kettle and Annette Jones were on ABC Brisbane 612 as part of the festival of Brisbane Podcasts. As part of their segment, they played some excepts […]

  • (Do It Yourself or Do It For Me)

    This was our weekend. We spent most of Friday and all of the weekend moving a very large, very heavy and very noisy bit of equipment around on our concrete floor.

    We were […]

  • It’s Australia day again.

    It’s a day of celebration in our family because it is my aunty’s birthday (Happy birthday Aunty Glenda!) but it is also a day that has been making me feel more uncomfortable as […]

  • What’s Your Policy?

    A few years ago my good friend Simon told me about a recruiting policy that the company he worked for had. It wasn’t a written policy but it was a cultural policy. That is, everyone knew […]

  • Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Small minds discuss other people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas.”
    Dr Nido Qubein said, “Who you spend time with is who you become.”
    Jim Rohn said, “You are […]

  • You have probably read by now that David Bowie died of cancer a couple of days ago. He was a titan of the artistic community. His body of work (musical, artistic and theatrical) is significant and ever […]

  • Ethics are so important in business, yet also so boring and dull. Most people can’t identify their ethics or what drives them so how can they make the right decisions?

    A recent article regarding the Dick […]

  • It’s happening again.

    2016 has barely started and already I am getting bombarded with “This is what successful people do”, “10 things to do before you get out of bed” and “7 Ways to be a winner”. You know the […]

  • I am a Star Wars fan.

    I was 9 when the first film came out. The first three films were great, the second three  – not so much.

    When I heard Disney bought Lucasfilm I was concerned. Disney are known for […]

  • This afternoon, Zerafina Zara, Therese Sheedy and I had a Blab chat about our upcoming 2016 Kick Start.

    We talked about colouring books, mindfulness, communication, listening, success, deep conversations and […]

  • Here is a surprise. I went to the boxing on Friday night.  I know, how weird of me!

    Now in the words of the late, great Kevin Merry, I am a peace loving man. So it was a little in your face (even if you […]

  • Let me introduce you to my new Jedi buddy, Charli.

    Now you may not understand what I am talking about so let me explain.

    In his training of Luke, the Jedi master, Yoda stated, “Fear is the path to the […]

  • I was speaking with Zerafina Zara, one of the performance coaches for Mushroom Records recently about the music industry. There is a constant message that applies to your business that you need to know.
    No […]

  • My gorgeous wife and I have just returned from the delightful Dominican Republic.

    Our flight home had a 24 hour stop over in Los Angeles so we chose to rent a hotel room and then hire a car for a day to do some […]

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