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    I have had many a discussion with my mentor group on whether we should aim for Customer Service or Customer Delight. Million Dollar Relationships expert Danielle Storey defines Customer Delight as “Providing […]

  • Saturday night I had the great joy of hosting a Trade Show and Gala Dinner for one of my fabulous clients.

    Like most Gala Dinners, there were awards, formalities and speeches. Once that had happened, it was […]

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    I had the great joy of working at a client’s three-day conference and trade show last week as Master MC and Exhibition Host.

    It was a huge success on so many levels. But still…

    It is a personal bugbear […]

  • In business and in life, people often lament that nobody offered to help them. No one gave them the assistance that others received.

    Today I will share with you the magic secret to get that help you need. It is […]

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    One of my gorgeous wife’s friends is looking to buy a house. 

    After a lot of searching, she found one she liked. Like all good homeowners, she did her research. She had the conveyancer review the contract […]

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    My gorgeous wife and I went to a family wedding at the Plaza Ballroom on Valentines Day. (A cheap way to have a great night out on Valentines Day!!)

    After dinner when the band started the dance music, […]

  • ThumbnailWith the rise of the celebrity culture (both in business and in popular culture) it seems some celebrities struggle to remain humble and in the process disengage with their followers.

    In fact, you would think […]

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    The recurring theme in discussions with clients as they plan their year is saying NO.

    In life, it is what you say NO to that will determine your success not what you say YES to.

    As the old saying goes, […]

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    Meet Winston the oh so cute and slightly anxious toy poodle.

    A couple of days ago I heard him making a funny noise so I came out of my office to see him like this. He was so proud of his hunter skills.

    <span […]

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    I had an interesting wait last week.

    I was coming back from a performance skills conference and as you can see from the picture above, bad weather cancelled all the flights leaving except for one.

    <span […]

  • It’s Jan 26th, Australia day. The day many of us wave the flag, put lamb (or any other meat product) on the BBQ and drink a lot.

    Unfortunately the Australian of the year this year is Rosie Batty. I wish to all […]

  • Let’s Do Better
    I am tired of all the disrespect and lack of tolerance.

    Whether it is road rage, bombing, messy divorces, frivolous legal suits or over entitled celebrities, it is NOT progressing our planet or […]

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    Can you believe it is the start of another year?
    As we get older the years seem to pass more quickly so it becomes even more important that we make the most of the time presented to us. That means no more New […]

  • I am concerned about the increasing racism I see on my internet feed from people who I thought knew better. The blaming of Muslims for terrorism as if they are the only religion who has had extremists tarnish […]

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    Sorry if that title comes off a little negative.

    But let’s be frank, come April you will probably struggle to remember what your New Year’s Resolutions let alone be on the path to achieving them.

    <span […]

  • ThumbnailWhat a Nightmare

    This is Winston.

    He is our 15 month old toy poodle. Yes he is very cute. (I like to think he takes after me!)

    This morning at 5:30am he was howling like a banshee.

    I went to the […]

  • My apologies for the delay in this weeks motivator. You see, I didn’t work yesterday as I was busy celebrating seven magnificent years of marriage with my gorgeous wife.

    Success comes in many forms and […]

  • Your Melbourne Cup Runneth Over

    It is the Monday before Melbourne Cup.

    For many, the excitement is building about the “race that stops a nation”.

    The trainers have been working hard to get the horses […]

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    Ask not for whom the internet trolls 
    It trolls for thee
    (apologies to Hemmingway)
    Trolling is easy.
    Look at any social media site and you will see examples of it. Wikipedia defines it as “a person who sows […]

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    Overnight Melbourne had one of the wildest thunderstorms it has even seen. Rolling thunder and lightning (very, very frightening) lasted for hours.

    I know it lasted for hours because I lay awake listening […]

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