After the Crash!

Melbourne Grand PrixIt was the Melbourne Grand Prix here yesterday. A day of noise, colour, excitement, people and crashes. Many crashes. Many expensive, jaw crunching, bowel clenching crashes.

Warwick do you think that the driver would say, “Well that’s it. I can’t race anymore”? I doubt it.

I suspect the whole team will ask, “What did we do wrong? What can we do better or different? What can we learn from this?”

That sounds like a winning thing to do. Why then as individuals do we make mistakes and then think we can NEVER do that thing again? Or berate ourselves so much over minor incidents?

Let’s learn from the pro’s and ask ourselves:

What did I do wrong?
What can I do better or different?
What can I learn from this?

Then get back in the drivers seat, buckle up and have another go.


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

Photo Credit: The Age

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