Alleged Associates

Every now and again on a Friday night at 7pm I will make my way over to Smokehouse 101.
It is a funky little cafe on the West side of Melbourne and serves some yummy food but that is not what I am there for.

Every Friday the Alleged Associates perform. They are a very loose arrangement pulled together by their lead singer Zerafina Zara. Now Zerafina is a friend of mine so she is not happy for me to remain in the audience. She let’s me perform. So a few random words of delight, dodgy jokes, radio voice overs and even a song or two with backing vocals usually happens.

It is a fun night of creativity and music. Terry the guitar player used to play for John Farnham when he was Johny Farnham and the bass player has played all over the world. Their willingness to try anything and have a bit of fun creates a magic evening that couldn’t be repeated, even if they wanted too!

Last Friday Sandra (their number one fan and groupie) and I were able to record a bit of video. Through the magic of editing, you can check it out here.


Don’t forget to come and see us live at the Smokehouse101!