Are They Accredited?

January is Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) month and I am thrilled to say that I have held this level of Accreditation for the last two years.

But what does that mean?

Like many professionals in our lives, accountants, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, IT professionals and speakers, their professional bodies set a minimum required skill set as well as significant professional and ethical standards that must be met to receive a level of accreditation.

From personal experience, achieving CSP was incredibly difficult. It is a global designation and it is a top level of accreditation awarded by member bodies of the Global Speaker Federation.

As with many industries, there are a handful of people who don’t have the accreditation but they are still excellent at what they do. The accreditation is the guarantee that someone else has done the due diligence and that the professional you are considering has the skill for the job.

So do you do the due diligence on all of your suppliers? Whether they are fixing your house, compiling your accounts or hosting your next client event, do you minimise the risk of drama and maximise the chance of success.

Do you ask yourself, “Are they accredited?”