Are You Adding Value?

Are You Adding Value?

As I type this I am on the lovely Gold Coast of Australia. I am here for a client’s conference and Expo. They have asked me to host the expo floor and work closely with the exhibitors. Naturally I said yes.

Then they said, “Would you mind dressing up for the welcoming function?” I thought they meant dressing up into a formal outfit. But no, my job was to be outside the confessional (photo booth) and absolve people of their sins dressed as a religious figure.

I am sure I could have said no. But my theory is always to look for how I can add value to my clients. What can I do that is one step further? Not only does it make them happy, it also means I am more likely to get the gig again next year.

So how are you adding value? It doesn’t mean simply dressing up or working longer hours. What are the things you are doing for your customers (both internal and external) that add value to them and make their experience more enjoyable?


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