Are You Flexible?

OMG! Can you believe it? I stuffed up. 

I live in Melbourne and didn’t realise that I had scheduled my How to Create and Deliver a Great Introduction webinar smack bang in the middle of Melbourne Cup Day. Naturally I only found out about this just after I had sent the newsletter to over 1,500 people!

So a few quick tinkerings of the system and voila, it is now on this Wednesday at 1pm Melbourne time. If you want to be part of it, the webinar detail and registration is here 

What about you? When you find out about a problem can you let go of control enough to be flexible? Can you release the idea of what you wanted to happen and come up with a solution that will suit? From a cancelled meeting to a cancelled contract, anything can happen. As has been said so many times, it is not what happens to you but how you deal with it that counts. So are you flexible enough to deal with what happens to you?


Warwick Merry – The Get More Guy, is your high energy, results focused, action oriented, no holds barred tour de force MC, keynote speaker and Exhibiting Specialist. He ensures your attendees Get More from your event. His MC work is like insurance for your event. It guarantees things will run smoothly and on time. As a speaker, he is like a dose of Berocca – a bubbling, burst of healthy, sustainable energy for your attendees.  If you need a burst of inspiration, cogitation and celebration at your next event you MUST book The Get More Guy, Warwick Merry.

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