Are You Flexible?

Image: ShutterStock

If you stop and listen to any management consultant or coach, they will tell you about “Change”.

Change in the technology age is considered “Normal”. Just as you get comfortable with Facebook they change how it operates. You no longer buy software with your computer, you pay an annual fee and get continual updates. You don’t need to perform your own computer backups anymore because anything you store on the cloud is backed up regularly.

Technology shifts so fast that new phones only have an effective life of about three years, and we are ok with that because the latest and greatest does more, has more and IS more. Some technology is so awesome, we can’t imagine life without it. I mean, what did you do before Google Maps?

So change is happening and all this technology and process “out there” is changing but what about you?

You may be willing to embrace new technology but are you able to let go of old ways that no longer serve you? Are you able to shift your thinking and admit you were misinformed, confused or simply, plain old WRONG?

Flexibility is more about letting go of old ways than it is embracing new ones.

It is about maintaining an open mind and using that gap between the stimulus and the response described by Dr Viktor Frankl, to give a considered response rather than a gut reaction.

So with how you see life, yours as well as those around you, are you Flexible?