Are You Inspired?

Are You Inspired?


On Saturday I was fortunate to host a 40 year anniversary for one of my clients at the Crown Paladium room.

It was better that fantastic, it was inspirational.

With short presentations showing how far the organisation had come, announcing some amazing financial results (in an industry sector that has been hit hard) all coupled with a very funny comedian and a fabulous band.

The message it got across was, “We are in a fantastic position and the future is bright for us all if we keep working at it.”

While everyone enjoyed the celebration, many also received inspiration for the future.

Inspiration can be fleeting so it is important to draw it from the simple things happening around you. From the big corporate event to acts of nature surrounding us and all those events in between.

Are you inspired? I don’t mean are you energised and jumping out of your shoes, but are you excited about the day and all it brings? If not, do what it takes to Get More Inspiration from the world around you.

So are you inspired now?

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