Are You Used To It?

Mt Hood

I am here in Portland Oregon for work. Yesterday I took a drive out to the Colorado River Gorge. I call it drive by tourism. I took some photos as I drove. If you look past the bugs on the windscreen you will see Mt Hood in the background. I was blown away to be driving around and have this amazing snow capped mountain in the background.

I guarantee you that many locals will not even see it. We get used to things and don’t notice how special they are. It is not taking it for granted, because I am sure the locals love it, it is just that you see it so often you get used to it and it blends into the background.

Are some of your customers, your team members, your support staff or your family the same? I am sure you know how special they are, how much they mean to you but it is easy to get used to having them around and having them do things for you.  

So are you Used To It? Make sure they know how much they mean to you and your business.

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