Are You Willing?

I almost can’t believe it.

It has been a week without TV!

Last Tuesday, Wifey and I decided that we would turn off the TV for a month. So we turned it off at the wall and unplugged it. Me….who doesn’t feel safe unless I am sitting there with at least one remote control in my hand!!!

A few friends asked us why. Quite simply, there is nothing on. Australia’s new FreeView is a joke. All they have done is watered down the existing programs with additional reruns. So on any particular night, we would watch the best of a bad lot. I

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found myself getting angry that I was wasting my life. Bruce Springsteen said it best, 57 Channels and Nothing On!

So we decided to try a month with out TV. We can use the extra time to read, play games, exercise or even…….talk!! Communicate with the one we love?? OUTRAGEOUS!!

Anyway, it’s been a week and I have survived! No TV, no movies, no DVD’s and no computer games. No sport wasn’t an issue for me because unlike most Australian men, I don’t enjoy watching (or even playing) sport. I don’t miss the news because most of it is “infotainment”. It is what rates, not what I need to know. I can get what I need from the internet or in discussions with friends.

I don’t miss the advertising. I can still buy things and not need anyone to tell me about it. I haven’t missed any of the cop shows or lawyer shows (but I am sure CSI Geelong is not far away!) I haven’t missed the vegging out in a mind numbing stupor.

I have enjoyed the conversations. I have been more industrious in my work. I have played my bass guitar. I have been gripped by the books I have read. I have delighted in the friendships I have participated in. I have explored the internet (and found a lot of rubbish there but Lego Death Star Canteen was funny! It does have some swearing though so be warned!)

Are you willing to join us?

I am not trying to create a new movement or a new month thing or a ribbon day or anything. I am just suggesting that your life would be enriched by turning of your TV for a month. You never know what you will find. You may even find yourself!

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