Are You Working Right?

I was working with a mentoring client recently and telling her that she needs to do less and less to achieve more and more. Yes, yes… this seems silly at first glance, but it is the secret to success (well one of them anyway). 

Look at the most senior person in any organisation. Essentially they do nothing. Don’t get me wrong, they are busy, but they do nothing. They day consists of meetings, phone calls, and checking things. They have learn’t the secret of getting their people to do the work and they just make sure the right things get done at the right time.

What about you?

Now you may say “Oh by I am just a solopreneur” or “a mere employee” but the same principle applies. It may be that you get colleagues to do the work or outsource it to a VA or third party.

You can achieve more by doing less. Your value is in knowing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is the best person to do it. The person who thinks that “no-one can do it as well as me” is the one working massive hours and feeling exhausted.

So are you working right?

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