How Is Your Community?

CleftHow Is Your Community?

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central during the week. My grandfather was a Rotarian and I always enjoy being able to contribute to my community.

What about your

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What Are Your Team Doing?

Last week I had an unannounced visitor. I was working in my home office and there was a timid knock at the door. So timid I was not even sure it was a knock. When I got to the door

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What Does Great Service Cost?

What Does Great Service Cost?
When it comes to Customer Service, I don’t need Outstanding Service, I don’t need Great Service, I would settle for Good service!
As you know from last week, it was my birthday on Thursday (by

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Happy Birthday

I like birthdays. I figure every year that I have one is a good year and to be quite honest, as I get older I feel more comfortable with myself and my life. This week it is my 44th birthday.

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What Did You Give?

Easter Egg
I had Easter lunch with some of my family on Sunday. My niece and nephews were all fired up on chocolate. The question that most people would ask them in relation to the Easter Bunny is “What did you get?”

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What Happens After?

So often we get focussed on the event or the meeting or the conference or the get together, that we forget about what happens after.  On most occasions, the real value is after the event. For some the activities after

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Are You In or Out?

singh is king
Wifey and I had a brilliant trip to India. The worst part of travelling is being treated like a tourist, so it was fabulous to be treated like family during our first week. This was when we attended the wedding

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Did You Read The Signs?

At a recent webinar for Exhibitors, I stressed the point that your signage has to be simple, focussed on the visitor and it has to make it easy to be a customer. Wifey and I saw this sign at an

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Are You Working Right?

I was working with a mentoring client recently and telling her that she needs to do less and less to achieve more and more. Yes, yes… this seems silly at first glance, but it is the secret to success (well

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Are You on Track?

We are now almost 1/6th of the way through the year. It’s less than 10 months until Christmas! Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies.

So are you on track?

No doubt you had goals for the year. If not

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Is Your Body Where It Needs to Be?


The late, great Kevin Merry (my Dad – the one on the right) often said to me, “sometimes your body just has to be there whether you want to go or not.” Usually he was talking about funerals, wedding, celebrations

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How Are Your Reflexes?

Can you twist, turn and flip when you need to?

Last week I was riding my motorbike to a client site for some mentoring (yes my motorbike is my company vehicle! Yay!) On the way two people nearly killed me

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