Big Impressions – Part II

It happened again!

I am not sure if I should be surprised or not that the very next day after I blogged on making a big impression that it happened again.

Wifey and I are big fans of the Coco Lounge in Glen Waverley. In particular we like to go there for a Fraus. For the uninitated, this is a thick European Hot Chocolate. Typically, I like it extra thick so it becomes like chocolate custard. Yes, yes, I know I am a bit of a foody. (You can find out more about Fraus’ here, including their flavoursome cafe.)

Anyway, after seeing Robin Hood on tight arse Tuesday (by the way, wait for the DVD. It is very boring) we adjourned to Coco Lounge for the Fraus. When we asked for one, the waiter indicated that they no longer served them. Naturally I went “Noooooooo!!!!!” rather loudly. We had a few laughs and then a coffee instead.

As we paid, I was speaking to the manager and discussing why they stopped selling the Fraus and he basically said that they were not selling enough and the product would be wasted. I joked about how would I live without it and then he said “Wait a second”

This is what he brought back to me:

That is 1 KILO of Fraus mix. He gave it to me free of charge. It was a very generous gesture and makes

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me love Coco Lounge even more! But it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t make a significant impression, lets face it, my good looks didn’t make it happen!

So what will happen if you make a big impression? Try it and see.

Let me know what happens for you!

Lovin’ your work!

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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