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Keep Going!

In Australia yesterday, we had two great examples of persistence. Granted it was only sport and that is not something I am really into, but I can admire the strength of character and physical endurance it would have taken.


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I Broke the Rules

It was my fault.

I knew the rules but didn’t meet them.

It still pissed me off!!!!!

I was flying to my band camp (Summer Song) and i was excited! I had a 7:30 flight and was flying

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I am Feeling

For those of you who wondered and who asked, my Stand Up Comedy premiere performance went well. I am defining well as, “I got lots of applause, they cheered at the end and I enjoyed the experience.”

But an interesting

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Go to the Edge!


If you follow me on Twitter or have seen my FaceBook page recently you will know that I am doing my first stand up comedy show on Saturday.

I don’t mind confessing that I am a little scared! I

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What’s your ROI?

I was speaking to the Australasian Marketing Manager of a large IT company today. Naturally we got to talking about Trade Shows. He said that he always measures the ROI of the show and they are becoming to expensive and

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Christmas is for giving!

This is our tree. Loaded with presents for our loved ones. In fact, our tree is a little depleted of presents because we had a party on the weekend and people took theirs for the big day.

As I was …

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What are you listening to?

What are you listening to right now?

Not what is on the radio, not what is on TV, not what others are saying but what is it that is in your head? What is the endless loop of self talk

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Don’t Get Lost Following Your Intuition

There has been a lot written over the years about following your intuition. Many people have been on some weird, wacky and wonderful journeys over time. But while a lot of writing, blogging, texting, reading and listening has been done,

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Now is the Right Time for Marketing

From a previous blog you may have read how Adobe are not having a booth at Macworld this year. It seems that they have started a trend. AppleInsider has reported that other big names like Belkin and Seagate are also

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Get Closer by Moving Away

Web 2.0 amazes me. I mean, not like a magician making your Aunt levitate but in its appeal to the masses. In one way it is drawing us closer together but in another it seems we are moving further and

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How to be a No Show

It is always the big question. Should you exhibit at a trade show or not? Especially if you are a bigger player in the market where people will be expecting you there. If you decide not to show you have

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How are your Speed Dating Skills?

To me, trade shows are just like speed dating. Let me explain.

Normal shopping or purchasing is not focussed. You may be there to buy what you want or you may be hanging around the shopping centre with friends. Maybe

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Booth Location

Over the weekend, I spent time at the Mind, Body and Spirit expo in Melbourne. I was there to work with a client of mine and also to check what others were doing at the Trade Show.

I was chatting

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