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Are You Insane?

Of late I have seen more insanity in the workplace that usual. Here are some samples of insanity I have been a witness to:

  • A friend of mine told me how one of her peers had her office door removed

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What Could You Do?

What a huge weekend!  Wifey and I spent four days bringing her new toy back from Queensland.  Her name is Candy, a 1965 Mustang Coupe and this is what she looks like.

Not bad for a 45 year old! (Candy,

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I Love You and Hate You!

Technology! How it makes life so much better and brings additional pain we

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Stop Whinging!

I was working at a trade show for three days last week and I was amazed at the high whinging level.  So many exhibitors would drone on:

“Why aren’t there people here yet?”
“Why are there so many people here?” 

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Is it Good or Bad?

So many things happen in our work and personal lives that we label “Good” or “Bad”.  In my experience, it is not what has happened, but how we are feeling that impacts on the label we give it.

There is

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Is it Too Hard?

Is it too hard?

We face difficult and challenging situations every day. Whether it is confronting your boss, negotiating a deal, stating an unpopular perspective or making a difficult life choice, we face these situations regularly.

These are tough choices. …

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What does Johnny Cash Know?

This week’s Blog comes from Johnny Cash.

I was listening to his American III album which has covers of other songs and the first song is “Won’t Back Down” written by Tom Petty.  I checked the lyrics and discovered that

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Who is Driving?

When it is time to make decisions (important or otherwise) who is driving? It is you or your ego?

My ego wanted to kick in this week and I struggled to keep it at bay. Wifey and I bought a

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Nothing Changes

Have you noticed how if nothing changes, nothing changes?

I know it’s a bit obvious, but sometimes it is up to us to change a situation.

For example, I have been writing a proposal for the last week or so

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Motivating your Team

Sometimes you will find that your team are not as motivated as you would like.  Check the video recorded for Broker TV for some ideas on motivating your team more.

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How is your Awareness?

As you know (or if you didn’t, you do now), I ride a big motorbike. It is a great deal of fun but I am the first to admit that it is not without its dangers! Yesterday, on the way

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What is your Plan?

It’s a SCORCHER here in Melbourne today. Forecast of 43C (110F) and at 10 am it is already 33C (91F).

Don’t you hate it when things out of your control have a significant impact on your

Just recommended the the …

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Gawk, Talk or Walk?

Do you Gawk, Talk or Walk?

More clearly, do you watch things happen, talk about things you will do or actually make things happen?

There is a time for all three of these but most people get stuck in the

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Trim the Grass or Pull the Weeds?

Sometimes we just need to fine tune our habits and other times remove them completely. Take 2 minutes to find out what I mean.

Lovin’ your work!

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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Do You Have Piles?

Are you one of these people with piles?

What I mean is piles of paper on your desk, the window sill, the floor, your secretary’s desk? Maybe you even have them on the bench at home or in your home

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