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New Monitor Stands

I have been running my computer system in the office with two monitors for quite some time. After prolonged periods at the computer I struggled to stand up comfortably. I was in a hunched lack of comfort zone – so

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Have You Broken The Habit?

Nun with BeerHave You Broken The Habit?

After a month of travelling, a couple of weeks of Man Flu (it was tragic) and a couple of weeks of pretty average excuses, I finally got my body back to my personal trainer.


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How Good Are You?

Ok Tall Poppy Hackers, get your swords ready! It’s time to talk about how good you really are.I think it is sad that the Australian culture is one that really is quite supportive but once you stand out too

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What’s Your Why?


In recent presentations and discussions with clients, there has been a lot of discussion about peoples “Why”. It can be challenging enough to keep yourself continually focussed and on track, let alone your team. The thing that will do that

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Can They Hear You?

Too many people in this world keep their light hidden. They have thoughts, ideas, dreams, contributions, VALUE that they do not share.


Who knows. It could be intimidation, lack of self-worth, shy, being over looked, for whatever reasons, their

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What Just Happened?

New Website
I love the John Lennon quote “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”.
That is exactly what happened to me this morning. I had plans all ready to face the day, write the Get More Goer,

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What’s the One Thing?

Sleep at ExpoWhat’s The One Thing?

A colleague of mine sent me this photo last week. It seems this gent was a bit tired at the expo stand so thought he would take a nap. I think I need to add this

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What Did You Give?

Easter Egg
I had Easter lunch with some of my family on Sunday. My niece and nephews were all fired up on chocolate. The question that most people would ask them in relation to the Easter Bunny is “What did you get?”

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Are You In or Out?

singh is king
Wifey and I had a brilliant trip to India. The worst part of travelling is being treated like a tourist, so it was fabulous to be treated like family during our first week. This was when we attended the wedding

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Are You on Track?

We are now almost 1/6th of the way through the year. It’s less than 10 months until Christmas! Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies.

So are you on track?

No doubt you had goals for the year. If not

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Is Your Body Where It Needs to Be?


The late, great Kevin Merry (my Dad – the one on the right) often said to me, “sometimes your body just has to be there whether you want to go or not.” Usually he was talking about funerals, wedding, celebrations

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Have You Exercised Your Slack Muscle?

Have You Exercised Your Slack Muscle?

Wifey and I are into investment properties. We like them and they work for us.

Late last year a tenant advised us that someone had broken in and done some damage. It turned out

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Are You Ready?

Get Ready

Based on last week’s Get More Goer, it seems like most of you are back at work this week. This email is probably just one of the many in your inbox – hopefully it is not buried! Some of you

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