Christmas is for giving!

This is our tree. Loaded with presents for our loved ones. In fact, our tree is a little depleted of presents because we had a party on the weekend and people took theirs for the big day.

As I was thinking about Christmas (one of my favourite times of the year), I considered what I have been told as a kid, that Christmas is for giving. It was only when I wrote that sentence down that I noticed the truth of it.

“Christmas is for giving” or possibly “Christmas is forgiving”.

What a cool thing!! Christmas is forgiving. What a gift to give yourself and others this year!! Forgiveness!

Who are some of the people and institutions you could give the gift of forgiveness?
Yourself – Is there anything you blame yourself for that you could now let go of?
Your family – Do you still hold any grudges for things that your family members said, did, didn’t say or didn’t do?
Your friends – Do you have any friends you need to forgive?
Institutions – Are there any companies (banks, post offices, utility supplier, ISP’s, online services etc) who have crapped you off this year that you need to forgive?

You know the best thing about forgiveness? You are the one that benefits the most. By forgiving others you get freedom from baggage that you have been carrying around all this time. You get to lighten you load and focus on being the real you, not someone driven crazy by the weird and wonderful people in your life.

Give it a try!! You may be surprised at the results and you don’t even have to use gift wrapping!!


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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