Do You Have Piles?

Are you one of these people with piles?

What I mean is piles of paper on your desk, the window sill, the floor, your secretary’s desk? Maybe you even have them on the bench at home or in your home office? You know the piles I am talking about. They are the, “I’ll do that later” piles.

These piles drain your energy. Just looking at them exhausts you. Have you ever turned up to work, looked at your desk and then left it in search of the coffee you need to get you started? You HAVE to get rid of your piles.

Here are some easy ways:

  • Do it – so often we spend more energy putting something off that actually doing it.
  • Dump it – you may be delaying it because you are not going to do it, just throw it away. My theory is “When in doubt, chuck it out”.
  • Delegate it – maybe someone else is better off doing one this for you.
  • Deposit it – you pile may just need filing or archiving
  • Diarise it – Now may not be the best time to deal with a pile, so diarise an appointment with yourself when you will do it, and file the pile in your pending area until you need it.

Once you have dealt with your physical piles, what about your virtual piles? We call it email!!

Lovin’ your work!

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

Photo Credit: Placid Casual

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