Do You Lead?


To kick of the year I wanted to give you a micro course in Leadership. Some of you may think you do not have a leadership position, well you would be wrong! You are the leader of your own life.

So even if you work on your own, these points can help you in getting what you want out of life personally and professionally.

I don’t overwhelm you with a massive to do list, especially since many of you will be just

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returning to work after the festive season break and your inbox and to do list is already bulging. To make it easier to digest I have broken it into a three week course. Each week you can focus on three things.

Thinking about these items is not enough. You need to put these three principles into action.

For this week, your three skills are:

Focus – Where is your focus? What you focus on will get achieved. So have some kind of reminder (a picture, statement or symbol) to help you and your team focus on what is really IMPORTANT and not just urgent.

Measure – What gets measured gets improved. How will you measure your improvement or progress? Is it numeric, do you need surveys, should you involve your customers?

Delegate – Get more done by doing less. It is too easy to say “But I can do it quicker.” Work with your team to train them up to do what needs to be done. The effort will bring great returns.

How will you implement these three principles?


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