Do You NEED it or WANT It?

It’s hard rubbish time at my house. Up and down the street are piles of rubbish, old furniture, tree cuttings, old computers, and cardboard boxes. There is also a plethora of televisions – square televisions. They are usually sitting on the cardboard box of rectangle plasma TV.

Wifey and I were talking about how the trend of huge plasma televisions, and now 3D televisions, have led to a lot of fully functioning, relatively large televisions being thrown out. It got me thinking to what other things we “upgrade” unnecessarily. Going from iPhone 3 to 4 (and now 5), iPad

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1 to 2, new laptops, new car, new business machines or even new outfits. We have a fully functioning model but we think it’s old or not trendy and upgrade.

Do you need it or just want it?

Don’t get me wrong. There are very valid reasons for getting new equipment and new technology but are you considering them? How many times are you purchasing based on impulse and desire rather than truly considering the cost benefit of what you are after?

Do you NEED it or just WANT it?

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