Do You Re-Create?


Wow! What a couple of months!

It feels like I have gone from conference to conference, coaching to coaching, client to client.
I was even working several weekends.

While I had a lot of

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fun doing this, I was also quite exhausted. Consequently I have done nothing for the last three days. Well maybe a bit of reading and a comedy festival show and a BBQ christening but nothing that required my normal work mode.

It is always important to have time for Rest and Recreation (Re-Creation). Think of it as giving your life equipment a grease and oil change. Time off running the equipment to ensure its long term operation.

So do you Re-Create?

PS This photo is of the ROSA Conference held out in the middle of the bush with NO mobile phone coverage or Internet – that was scary. Others commented it was 1/2 star accommodation. While the bunks in the dorm were comfy, it was also 5 star fun with campfire singing, whitewater rafting, trout fishing and astronomy (Saturn’s rings on show!)

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