Do You Share?

Concert Poster
It is amazing how many people in the workplace do not share who they really are with their colleagues. 

They have strong boundaries (almost barriers) around their distinct groups.  Their work friends are never allowed to mix with their social friends and neither of these groups are allowed anywhere near family.

Why would you do this?  While I am all for a sense of privacy and not sharing every single detail about yourself, why would you not share with your friends all of who you are? What are you trying to hide?

While you may have weird hobbies that may raise some questions or work in a job or role that your social group may not expect, don’t hold back on who you are.  We are complete beings with varied, colourful and complex parts to ourselves.

One of the most valuable gifts you can give to the world is your Authenticity.  It also takes less effort than putting up a facade or remembering to not tell certain people certain things.  Share of yourself with the world. The world will be a better place for it.

So do you share?

PS As part of my sharing, I need to let you know I sing in an A Cappella choir. It is fabulous and a whole lot of fun. We have a concert in North Melbourne at the Comic’s Lounge this Sunday at 2pm. It’s only $15 and kids are free. If you are in Melbourne next Sunday, I would love to see you there. Further details and samples of our work at

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