Don’t Do Subtle

Will and Jada at SAG Awards

I am not a fan of subtle – anyone who has met me could probably tell you that.

When I first got together with Wifey we created the ground rule the when communicating we wouldn’t hint, suggest, imply, insinuate, infer or be subtle in any way and NEVER go down the path of “If you really loved me you would ……”

The understanding is that if you want something ask for it. If you want to do something, tell the other one, put it in the diary or organise it and tell the other one to come along. This works really well for us.

The same rules apply in dealing with your customer – internal and external.

Let them know what you need from them. Let them know what they can expect from you. Be crystal clear about it. The best relationships are when you are completely open with them and NEVER assume you know what they are thinking.

Subtle does not work. Go for clarity every time.

Image Credit: Gabriel Bouys