Don’t Get Lost Following Your Intuition

There has been a lot written over the years about following your intuition. Many people have been on some weird, wacky and wonderful journeys over time. But while a lot of writing, blogging, texting, reading and listening has been done, I still get asked time and time again “How do I follow my intuition?” What I propose is not THE answer, more it is AN answer. It works for me, give it a try because it may work for you too!

First up, what is your intuition? Some think it is your subconscious talking to you, some say it is a gut feel and others talk about laws of attraction suggesting a course of action. Here is how I see it. For those of you who know me you will know that I am a hippy in a suit. I have worked in the corporate world for 20 years and I have a strong spiritual life as well. By spiritual I don’t mean religion as they are different. In my life I have a Higher Power who I call God. You may call it fate, destiny, the angels, the universe, Buddha, Christ, the Force – I don’t care, what you call it is your decision. I believe because my life is better for it and it gives me strength.

How this relates to intuition is this, I believe that Prayer is when I talk with God and Meditation is when God talks to me. I have asked God many times to just send me an email, a text or even a Twitter message as they are clear, but God doesn’t. God prefers to communicate in a different manner, God does it via my intuition. While I meditate to listen, I also keep the channel open by following my intuition.

When I first became aware of my intuition, I found I ignored it. I even heard myself say later, “If only I had done what I thought I should.” After awhile, making mistakes gets boring!! So rather than saying “if only” when it didn’t work, I started listening. For me, my intuition is like a muscle. The more I use it, the stronger it gets. It helps me see things I would have missed, do things I would not have done and sense opportunities that would have passed me by.

So, when you are thinking “How do I follow my intuition,” start by listening. The voice or sense will be there. It may be faint, but it will be there. It is a slow but steady feeling that a certain course of action is the best one for you to take. It is not an overwhelming sense of urgency but a solid and constant force for positive results in you and your life.

My coaching/mentor clients sometimes say that they can’t hear it. That’s when you fake it ’til you make it. Ask yourself the question, if you could hear your intuition, what would it say – and then do that! Act as if and you will reap the rewards.

The best thing is that there is no wrong answer. You are the only one who can hear your intuition. Act with the best intent and you can’t go wrong!


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

One thought on “Don’t Get Lost Following Your Intuition

  1. Wow, what a great way to take the pressure off, Warwick! Just listen for it, and if you think you can’t hear it, imagine what it would say to you if you could.

    Brilliant advice! Thanks for putting together a great post on the topic. I’ll be sharing it with others! 🙂


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