Don’t just DO something, Sit there!

It has been a scorcher of a day here in Melbourne. To escape the heat, I thought I would sit outside in my back yard and just enjoy the cool change.

I have been privileged to witness an amazing light and sound show. The sun is reflecting off the low cloud and changing colours from orange and amber through to pinks with cloud whisps being different gradients. Meanwhile, the breeze is rustling through the nectarine tree as the neighbours cat prowls through the yard giving me the “what the hell are you doing sitting on your back step” look.

I could have taken a photo but it changes so much, it’s not the same. But you may have seen something similar at some other time. It is not the vista that I wanted to share anyway, but the moment.

It’s been a hot day. I have been thinking about things I have on this week, thinking about a friend who has just ended a relationship, another recovering from surgery, family who have just moved house, how knackered I feel in the heat….. you know, a typical day. Taking the time to just step outside and sit here has been fabulous. I am taking the time to be a human being

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not a human doing.

Doing this has forced me into the moment where I can see that life is ok. Not life and everything will be ok but it already is ok. Things are great! I have some amazing things happen in my life, I have some amazing people around me (particularly wifey!) and some fabulous opportunities are happening. It is fantastically refreshing to be present and sit and appreciate my surroundings.

What about you?

Sometimes you need to remember the age old truth. Don’t just do something, sit there!

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