Every Day Super Power

coffee super

Each of us has at least one (but usually way more) Every Day Super power. It’s just a simple thing that you do incredibly well.

One of mine is making great coffees. Not barista, high pressure, super duper coffee just your run of the mill instant coffees.

The first to notice this super power was my dad. He would often compliment me on how good my coffees were.

All of my wives have loved the way I make coffee. My latest, favourite and definitely last wife now has it down pat on how to request I make them with minimal effort on her behalf (extra good for those mornings when you want a coffee but aren’t awake yet.)

A couple of days ago I made coffee for some young people (to me that is someone from 20-30) who don’t drink a lot of coffee and they both, independently mentioned how good the coffee was.

Now making a cup of coffee won’t save the world even if it does make the world a better place. But it is the small things you do with your Every Day Super Power that add up to big things. It’s part of recognising that there are no BIG things just a lot of little things all acting together. As we handle the little things better, the BIG things become simple.

So what is your Every Day Super Power? Is it always finding a car park, being remembered by shop assistants, making people laugh, balancing your bank accounts, creating spreadsheets, understanding complicated writing, using a rich vocab? There are so many.

Let me know what your Every Day Super Power is, I’m sure it’s a cracker.