Feel The Love?

It was Valentines Day yesterday. The day that cynical people agree card companies and florists created to increase sales.

The less cynical among us would say it is a great day to celebrate our love in the world.

My Mum would agree it is about love. She is celebrating 7 years since she started “going out” with Dudley. (She initially changed her Facebook status to “in open relationship” then too but that is a different story!)

For my dog Winston (who looks very similar to the poodle above) it is just another day to love everything equally. Whether it is going for a walk, having a drink, meeting you at the door, being served dinner or joining you on the couch, there is always the unconditional love that he has.

What an excellent way to be in the world. What an amazing way to treat others. What a joyous force for good that would make us if we could do the same.

I love the concept that I should try and be the person my dog thinks I am. What an amazing person I would be then.

So Winston and my wish for you is that EVERY day is Valentines Day. That you look for things you love. Get excited about the small things and live each day to it’s fullest.

So are you up for the challenge?