Five Observations Fresh From the Floor

I am fresh off the floor from the 2010 Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo and I have some valuable observations to share.  I spent three days working with exhibitors to help them Get More from their show experience and here are the top 5 learning points:

  1. It’s all about Engagement.  Some of the exhibitors were concerned about not getting enough interest in their product/service.  It was usually the same exhibitor who was just standing in the booth saying nothing as someone walked past.  Live by the rule, if you are not speaking to anyone, speak to everyone!  If ever you have a quiet time, engage with the very next person.
  2. Why are you there?  Some exhibitors forget why they are there.  They get swept up in the excitement and buzz of the show that they forget their prime objective.  Start each day with a briefing refreshing the objectives for the day and what actions are required to meet it.  If you are there to get names and addresses, then get names and addresses.
  3. How is your signage? Do you have short, snappy, easy to read (that means HUGE font), action oriented signs?  If not, get some.  People don’t really care much about your brand, your long winded mission statement or the features of what you have, they care about a problem they have and how you will solve it.  Find the problem and let them know you solve it.
  4. Prepare for the show.  I don’t understand people and organisations that spend thousands of dollars to get to a show and all they do is turn up!  At the very least read the exhibitor manual to find out information about the show.  Know what signage, stationery, product, and other items you need in your booth.  Be crystal clear on what you want from the show and what your message is.  Know how you will measure your success and whether it was worthwhile.  If you don’t know these things, then why are you even there?
  5. Stop whinging!!  Shows are part science, part art and a big chunk of magic.  Things will always be different than expectected.  There will be lulls and peak times.  If things are not going how you want, then change.  You can’t expect to turn up last minute, lack half your signage and get the results you got last time with out some change in your approach.  Focus on what is going well and then change the things that are within your power.  Once you start whinging, you bring a whole lot of negativity to your booth which guarantees you wont get the results you are after.

Master these five, and you are half way there!



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