Freebies – do you need them?

Have you seen the freebie trolls?

You know the ones I am talking about, they walk around the trade show or expo taking freebies from every booth they pass. They are sort of like the anti-Santa. They just keep filling their sack with all of the treats available.

It is enough to make you ask the question, do you need freebies on your booth? I mean what’s the point if it is just the trolls who are going to take them all?

It is a good question, do you need the freebies or promotional item. A better question would be whats the value of having a promotional item? With your trade booth, you want to always consider what is the value. With your promotional item there are several things to be considered:

Cost per impression – Don’t just consider the cost of the item but think about how often you get a chance to lock in your branding. This is why t-shirts and coffee cups can be effective items versus a disposable toy or golf tee.

Relevance – To strengthen your brand and your message, go for items that match your theme, organisation and message.

Streamed – Consider streaming your promotional items so that only qualified prospects get the higher valued promotional items and having something of lesser value for unqualified prospects and freebie trolls.

While these are not the only things to consider for your promotional items, they will definitely aid you in Getting More value from them.


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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