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Then you have come to the right place!

Most business owners start their business with a great idea, a ton of passion and moderate cash reserve. After a period of time, it could be months or maybe a couple of years, they stop and assess their situation only to find that the success they were after is still not theirs. Their energy levels are at an all time low, their concerns on cash flow are at an all time high, and there is usually one or two
problems in the business that they have no idea what to do with.


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So you want to Get More Business Success

The first thing to do is take a deep breath and then slowly let it out. The good news is that you have found a valuable resource guaranteed to make a difference to your business, the bad news is there is no quick and easy fix. Let’s face it, if running a successful business was quick and easy, everyone would have done it and the rewards would not be as signficant as they can be.

Don’t despair! Just because it is not quick and easy, does not mean it is hard!

To help you Get More Business Success, eleven different experts in business share the core essentials YOU need to make your business more successful. Your host for these interviews is motivational speaker and business mentor Warwick Merry, The Get More Guy. Having started two successful businesses of his own as well as coaching and mentoring hundreds of other business, he knows that a lot of business struggle with some of the foundation knowledge needed to get real results. So he sought out some of the leading experts in their field to get that essential knowledge for you.

The Get More Business Success pack is 12 CD’s covering 12 areas of business that you need to master.
They include:

  • Time Management
  • Million Dollar Relationships
  • Building an Army of Advocates
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Your Image
  • Innovation
  • Marketing via Technology
  • Networking
  • Public Relations
  • Building your Bucket Lists (business and personal) and
  • Staying Motivated.
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After listening to CDs that are loaded with “experts” dryly dictating their thoughts on the world without consideration of what the “real people” are facing on a dayly basis, the Get More Business Success series has been created differently. Everyone one of the recordings is lively and easy to listen too. You may even laugh at some of the jokes (you may not laugh at some of the really bad ones though!). Each of the experts has a fun and high content converstation that lets the listeners know how to deal with some of the biggest problems and issues in their area, giving examples on how to deal with a situation as well as ideas on how to stay out of problem areas.

You will be hearing real life example and real life solutions to many problems in running a business. Maybe the very problem that you are facing now. The focus of this pack is to show you what to do to Get More Business Success. Easy to implement, straight forward, low and no cost solutions to your business problems.

To make it easier, the very first CD has some concrete ideas on how you can get the most out of the pack. Clear instructions on what to do to really get your money’s worth.

Who are the Experts?
Good question! Most professionals are choosy in who they get advice from. While they mean well, often your family are NOT the people to go to when you want to share some concerns on your business or get ideas on what to do. So Warwick spent some time getting top quality people who he would take advice from himself. Here’s who they are:

Time Management – Your expert here is Warwick Merry the Get More Guy. Having spent over three years working as a trainer for one of the worlds leading time management companies, TMI, I know what it takes to manage time effectively and efficiently. I wanted you to get some tips and techniques that are not just theory but are easy to do without using more time themselves. Time is one of your most valuable resources so the first CD shows you how to get the most from it.

Million Dollar RelationshipsDanielle Storey has built a mutlimillion dollar business selling toner cartridges. Toner cartridges are simple commodity that everyone uses and many people sell. Her different is the relationships she creates and the customer service she gives. Her clients fight over who gets to open the invoice, that’s how much they love her. Danielle shows you the keys to Million Dollar Relationships regardless of what product or service you sell. How would you feel if you clients couldn’t wait to open your invoice and process it? I am sure your cashflow would love it!

Build an Army of AdvocatesYvonne Adele is one of the few who have created a business using social media. It’s not just a social media consulting business either. Yvonne sells Ideas While You Sleep. Using her social media network, she provides clients with bold ideas to meet their challenges. The client gives her a little background information and the problem. She passes the info to her “tribe” and hundreds of ideas come back overnight for her to feed back to the client. From this experience, Yvonne shares with us how to build your own army of advocates. This significantly grows your referal base and new business acquired by referral. How good would it be to simply answer the phone and then fill the order your new client has just placed!

Financial Management – To many people don’t understand their business financial situation. They talk to their accountant but it is too easy for your eyes to glaze over and tune out to the important information. To give you the real issues on finances, Kylie Short, Head Number Cruncher from TIlda Virtual tells you all you need to know. On her CD we discuss some of the foundation issues regarding running your business, some legal structure and key cash flow information as well as how to better read your financial reports and what the

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numbers actually mean. This CD will help you get back in financial control of your business.

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Human Resources – With todays labour market and labour legislation, HR management is a critical issue to business success. Deb Peppard from HR Staff ‘n Stuff is the HR Professional who makes HR easy. Deb shares some key ideas to minimise your risk when it comes to recruiting, what are the key issues you will face and how to address them so your staff will be happy as will you. Even if you don’t have staff yet, there are some excellent ideas you can use to position yourself when you are ready to take on staff. Deb has run a major jewellery franchise chain, been the HR manager of a large Australian firm and now runs her own succesful HR practice.

Your ImageHelen Robinett is the Image Consultant’s Image Consultant. Not only has she help me with my image, she has also worked with senior men and women of industry. She know how to make you look your best, regardless of your body shape and self image concerns. She is a Past President of the Association of Image Consultants International and committed to making sure you best represent your business to your prospects and clients. There are many facets of you and your business’ image that you may not have considered. Helen addresses the key concerns and provides some excellent tips to make your image grow your sales and positive impact on your clients.

Innovation – Too often innovation is accompanied by outrageous costs and bizarre ideas that are a gamble. Shannon Cooper is the Innovation Catalyst. One his most valuable ideas is to STOP doing so much. Be as equally as innovative in what you don’t do as what you do do. His innovation has made hundreds of thousands of dollars for his clients. Find out some down to earth things that you can do and can stop doing to add more dollars to your bottom line.

Marketing Via Technology – Spam doesn’t work (and is illegal), constantly bombarding clients with messages doesn’t always work, so what does? How can you use technology to market yourself and your business? Technology Translator, Donna Hanson, shows us several ways we can use technology to do that as well as telling us the traps to avoid.

Networking – How many times have you been to a networking event only to find people thrusting their business cards at everyone only to wonder later why nothing came of it? There is so much more to networking and setting up alliances in your business. Bev Brough is a Networking Master. She shares with us some of the tips and techniques to build your business on referrals and your own networking (NO COLD CALLS NEEDED!)

Public Relations – How fabulous would it be to have over $10 million worth of positive press, radio and TV coverage? How much better would it be if you only spent about $7,000 to get it? Melina Schamroth from M.A.D. Woman has done this. Find out some of the tips to help you get

significant PR for your business at low or no cost!

Build A Bucket List – Most of us have heard about having a bucket list. What about having one for your business or your family? What is the best way to create and manage your bucket list so that your entire team get on board and get bursts of energy and motivation from it? Travis Bell is The Bucket List Guy and his simple and easy to implement ideas will keep you and your business on the path to unbelievable success.

Staying Motivated – What can you do when your get up and go has got up and gone? How do you stay motivated? If you are the boss, who motivates the motivator? The Get More Guy Warwick Merry shows you ways to Get More from yourself and your team by sustainably remaining driven and motivated toward your goal. After getting inspired and a head full of ideas from listening to all of the previous CD’s, this CD will assist you in turning your ideas in to reality. Get energised by the life and business you are creating for yourself.

This CD pack comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with CDs and you would like a refund, contact our office and we will happily refund you the purchase price.

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