Get On Board

I was fortunate enough to have a flight on the new Melbourne Star a couple of weeks ago.

Yes… it is called a flight. For some it is the flight of the Phoenix

Melbourne wheel has a troubled past and there are many who are quick to have a go at it again. It is a spectacular piece of engineering and while it may have its faults, don’t we all?

It will give you a unique perspective on Melbourne and is a bit of fun for the money. In speaking to a couple of random tourists in the area, they raved about it.

My approach is Get On Board. 

It is similar to changes in business, changes in the family situation or changes in life.
You can fight the irreversible change, you can whinge and moan about how it will fail or you can embrace it and get on board. You never know what bonus or special surprise you may find.

For the company I was working with (we did it as part of the Sales Conference kickoff) we discovered you had a pretty good view of their head office. Guess where they will be taking their international guests from now on?

So for Melbourne Wheel and other changes thrust upon you, Get On Board.

PS Here are some of the photos you can get at Melbourne Star. Look how excited we were!


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