Got Barriers?

My gorgeous wife and I took some friends out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate a big success they had. It was one of the nicer places in the area and priced to match – it was a great choice for a celebration.

One of the first impressions all four of us had was that it seemed that every member of the waiting staff had a nose ring, additional piercings and tattoos.

Now there are some great reasons why wait staff should be able to have body art and I am the first to admit it did not prevent them from giving good service. The important question is, are they a barrier for your customers.

Maybe a grungy cafe would be no big deal, but for a high end establishment it seemed out of place.

There are two key elements to consider here:

1) I could just be a grumpy old fart who is incredibly judgemental and old fashioned (that is entirely possible)

2) What simple barriers can you remove in your workplace or life to help make things flow more effortlessly?