Happy Anniversary

It is a month of anniversaries!

Today my lovely wife, Sam (see the picture for her loveliness), and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. That 12 months has gone soooo fast yet also it has taken ages. During that time we have had many experiences and achieved some great things.

Later this month her parents celebrate 40 years of marriage!! Crikey!! That is something to aim for.

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, we went out to a lovely little Mexican restaurant, had some yummy food and considered the last 12 months. What were the highlights, what were the key learnings and what were our favourite moments. We then looked at the 12 months ahead. What sort of things did we want to achieve, where did we see ourselves in 12 months, how would life be for us. Granted it wasn’t totally “romantic” but it was fun creating plans and ideas together.

When did you last do a review? May be it is time for one now.

Luckily I have an out line for you – sort of, here’s one we prepared earlier!! Visit my website and on the resources pages you will see the regular results review. Download this and follow the instructions. You will be surprised at how much you have achieved and what you are capable of.

Consider it my anniversary gift to you!

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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