Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Yay!

I have long been a believer in not working on my birthday so I spent the day having brunch with some work friends, lunch with an old singing friend and then dinner with Wifey.  It was a hard day, but someone had to do it and I was up to the challenge!!

I would encourage you to also plan to have your birthday off and do something fun.  Even if your birthday is months away, put your leave form in now!

But what is a birthday without presents!!  So here they are.

First, it’s a freebie – the Birthday Bash checklist.  Use this on your birthday to look back at the year gone and celebrate your achievements.  Then look forward to the year ahead and build in some fabulosity!  Click here to download the Birthday Bash Checklist.

The second birthday present is a discount off the Get More Energy CD.  This CD has tips, tools and techniques on how you can have more sustainable energy in your life.  Usually $35 plus postage and handling, simply use the discount code “bday42” and get a $20 discount. That makes it only $15 plus postage and handling.  Click here to order the Get More Energy CD.

The third present is a discount off my speaking or MC services.  If you book me to speak/MC at your conference or workshop before the end of May 2010, I will give you 33% off my standard speaking fee.  Just email me to make the booking.

I wish you the best on my birthday and I trust the coming years brings great things!


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