Happy Birthday

I like birthdays. I figure every year that I have one is a good year and to be quite honest, as I get older I feel more comfortable with myself and my life. This week it is my 44th birthday.

Naturally wifey has been asking what I want for my birthday. The reality is that I have everything that I need. I don’t really need anything extravagant just for the sake of it.

But Wifey is persistent.

The lawnmower died a couple of weeks ago, so on Saturday I got a brand spanking new lawnmower for my birthday. Thanks Wifey!

I wanted to give you a gift as well. It’s my way of saying thank you for receiving the Get More Goer every week and tolerating some of my literary indulgences and tilted perspective on the world. A few years ago I created the Birthday Bash. It is an easy to use two page document that enables you to do a quick assessment of the year past and the year ahead. You can download it here as my birthday gift to you.

Whether you use it on my birthday (this Thursday) or wait until your own birthday is

up to you, as long as you use it.

Happy Birthday to me, I hope you enjoy it. I know I will!

PS Speaking of gifts, if you struggle to think what is the best gift or freebie to give when you are exhibiting, sign up to our 2 hr Exhibit Like A Pro session to be held in Melbourne on Monday 30th April. This is just one of the many things we will be covering. Find out more info here.

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