Happy Birthday Time

Happy Birthday Time

Birthday Pic

I am having one of my favourite kinds of years. It’s one where I have a birthday.

Some people know that it is my birthday this week on Friday 19th April. It’s not a big one, it’s just another average, everyday kind of birthday. The kind of birthday where all of your friends wish you “all the best”. Especially now that Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and every other kind of social media tells everyone it’s your birthday. You get some fabulous wishes from random people you hardly know!
Here’s the thing. 
My life is pretty awesome. I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact. I have a fabulous wife, a great business, good health, fun toys, loving family, stupendous friends, a cool choir and I have great experiences. So as much as I love these birthday wishes, I don’t really need them. But loads of other people do. 
You see them looking grumpy in meetings, walking down the street, in the supermarket and even in elevators. So I had a cunning plan, why not give all of these fabulous birthday wishes to people who really need them?
I get it sounds a bit whacky and the kind of thing that ends up on a dodgy TV show, but I really don’t care. I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”
I really would like everyone to give my birthday wish to those who need them more. So I need your help.
This week, whenever you get the urge to wish me a happy birthday, give it to someone else. Give it to a random stranger, a work colleague, someone you love, someone you like, someone you have a slight distaste for, someone you have a crush on, the check out person, the person in the car next to you – it doesn’t really matter who, just be sure to give it. Give to them as genuine a wish as you would have for me for a year full of joy, magic and delights. You may shake their hand, hug them, kiss them, wave at them or simply smile at them.
You may give a speech even! Something like, “On behalf of Warwick, I would like to give his best birthday wishes to you. May you have a fantastic celebration of life today.” It may be smaller. Something like, “Dude!” It doesn’t really matter, what is important is the intent.
Who could ask for a better birthday present? So Friends will you help me?


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