Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

OK so I am a little early. My theory is that it is never too early to feel the love!

While some may describe the day as a celebration that florists, greeting card companies and chocolate companies make a fortune out of, a quick look at Wikipedia shows that it was around well before they took advantage.

So what does this all have to do with today’s email?

Well as part of my 2014 Valentine’s Day celebrations I wanted to share some love with you and say thank you for reading my newsletters and being part of my world.

So a HUGE THANK YOU to you!

For those who are looking to increased leads in your business, I have another gift for you.

The Centre for Exhibition Industry Research has shown the most cost effective way to get leads is via Exhibiting and Sponsoring business events.
My experience is that most businesses have yet to master the art of Exhibiting.

I want to help you take your exhibiting to the next level and be able to Exhibit Like A Pro.  So here is what I am doing, until Valentines Day I am offering you an insane discount (its over 60%). They do say love makes you crazy!

Find out the detail by going to the product page here.

Happy Valentines!

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