Have You Broken The Habit?

Nun with BeerHave You Broken The Habit?

After a month of travelling, a couple of weeks of Man Flu (it was tragic) and a couple of weeks of pretty average excuses, I finally got my body back to my personal trainer.

I have to say, those first two sessions nearly killed me – but they hurt more later the next day.

It is a bit like the habits you have around the house and around your work place. They are so much easier to break than they are to make. Yet once you get into them, they seem to have a life of their own.

Be it making daily sales calls, writing daily blogs, keeping yourself OFF facebook, regular walks around the team to check how they are or simply putting the rubbish out when you need to, maintaining the focus on the your habit and it’s outcome is far easier than breaking the habit and starting again.

What habits are you willing to maintain today or have you Broken the Habit?

Image: John Picken – The Habit with the Habit

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