Have You Got A Card?

Have You Got A Card?

My CardI was at a friends birthday party on the weekend. It was a fantastic event and I was sitting with some people I had never met before.
Now as usual, we started talking about what we did. It’s a standard opener, “So what do you do?” You have probably used it yourself.
Well it didn’t take long until we were chatting away full steam and we coming up with ideas on how to increase her business. It only made sense after talking business to ask for her business card and give her one of mine.

Then I shuffled seats. Again the conversation started, “So what do you do?” And we were off and racing (in fact, he is into horses and runs a horse magazine). A few more ideas and then it was “So do you have a business card?”

While I am not saying you should turn every function into a business meeting, I am saying that you need to have your cards ready. If you are like me and are passionate about what you do and how you may be able to help others, why wouldn’t you give a business card. Much to wifey’s dismay, I have even swapped business cards at a funeral!

Now while you probably don’t need them as much now as you can put details in your phone, it is always great to have them handy. (I am often surprised at people who go to networking events without a stack of business cards. What the..?) I was taught years ago, that a business card in your wallet gets crushed. So I have a stash of them in the special pocket of each suit jacket, the glove box of the car, my compendium, my card holder and some reserve in my wallet. It pays to be ready if ever someone asks, “So what do you do?” or “Have you got a card?”

So Friends, have you got a card?
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