Have You Got The Right Gear?

When I first learnt to snow ski, I borrowed the ski gear from friends and rented the essentials.  My first couple of times were not pleasant experiences.  My feet hurt in the boots, there was a hole in the ski pants so I was wet and cold to the bone and the trusty rental ski’s had a mind of their own!

After a while I bought my own ski outfit.  I was then toasty warm but with sore feet and a misguided sense of direction. I finally got sick of sore ankles and bought some boots that actually fit properly and some parabolic ski’s that did all the hard work for you.

Skiing was now a completely different experience. I was warm, skiing was effortless, I could go anywhere, I had faith in my equipment and most importantly, I really enjoyed the day.

The right gear makes all the difference.

It’s the same with your work.  Have you got the right gear? For the last 4 years I have been “putting up” with a second hand computer I was given. My audio and video processing took ages but it was what I had. Last week I took delivery of what I call MEGA PC. It has loads of memory (12GB), huge hard drive with auto backup, fast access ports and large monitors.

My first reaction was “Why didn’t I do this ages ago?”  Granted the technology prices keep coming down but I forgot the important concept that the right gear makes all the difference.  It is worth the investment of time, effort and money to get it.

Have you got the right gear to do what you need to?

PS Happy Valentines day to you. Take the opportunity to tell those who are important to you how you feel.  I’ll start, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this.  Thanks! 

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