How Do You Deal With It?

On the recent holiday to Bali, I came face to face with nature. It was an interesting and unexpected encounter. Luckily we got some of it on video. Click the image below to watch it.
It is not often you have a monkey on your back! The guide had mentioned if a monkey did interact with you to remain calm. I did get a bit of a fright. I had no idea what it was going to do. I didn’t know how the situation would end, I didn’t know what the monkey wanted and I certainly was not prepared for the second monkey (who seemed to want to take my shirt off!)
Life is a bit like that too. Things happen without prior warning and you have to deal with them as best and as quickly as you can. You can find yourself in a situation you didn’t plan on and like the monkey, you need to remain calm and deal with it.
So how do deal with these situations?

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