How Do You See It?

This weekends Certified Speaker Professional Summit was held in Denver Colorado. 

I got so excited because on the second day IT SNOWED! 

Now the others at the conference were less than excited. Snow could mean delays, flight cancellations and missed appointments. 

While both perspectives are valid and based on difference experiences, one caused less stress than others.

Some of those with internal flights started worrying about cancellations straight away and others took the approach, “we see how it is tomorrow” and turned their focus on the sessions at hand.

Every situation has different perspectives. Some highlight your fears, others your dreams and some reflect the situation as you see it.

No one perspective is better than the other but some do make your life easier and less stressful.

What about what is going on in your life and business? Do you see the problem, the alternative or some other perspective?

So how do you see it?
PS I am celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. To help celebrate I have a gift for you. But I can’t deliver it until I return in May. So keep your eye out for the gift in May!