How Embarrassing


I am ashamed and embarrassed. It’s not me, it’s him.

I am travelling to the USA next week and I have to own up to being an Australian. They will laugh at me. Well, not at me directly, but at me for having such an embarrassing and out of touch Prime Minister.

I recall teasing my American friends when they had George W. I never thought they would have the chance to return the favour.

Somewhere along the time he seems to have forgotten that the government is put in place BY the people and FOR the people. He and his government are our PUBLIC SERVANTS we are not theirs.

Simple logic dictates that coal is limited and solar and wind are unlimited, so why would you stop the latter in favour of the former.
We have not learnt the lessons of previous governments mistreatment of powerless innocents. Again WE treat them poorly and without respect in a way that will DEMAND an apology in the future.

Our government spends so much time fighting the opposition (regardless of which party is in power) that they don’t have time to govern or have the energy to create a magnificent future for us all.

It is time for a change.

A change in PM would be great but the change we need is in how our government operates. The government is NOT there for the minority with the money and the influence. The government is there for those with little or nothing. It is there to protect those that need it, provide for those who need it and support those that need it.

I want a leader who creates a long term vision for our country so great that subsequent leaders can’t help but follow it also. I want an government that supports the country regardless of whether the opposition agrees with them or not.

I want a leader with enough substance that they do what is MORALLY RIGHT regardless of what impact it had on their financial support.

I want PEOPLE to matter more to the government and I would love for our leaders to get in touch with how life really is for the population and not those living on allowances.

So what can I do?

I have signed petitions, I have clicked like and I have tried ignoring the politicians but still I am ashamed, embarrassed and angry.

The time is ripe for change. Bring it on.