How Good Are You?

Ok Tall Poppy Hackers, get your swords ready! It’s time to talk about how good you really are.I think it is sad that the Australian culture is one that really is quite supportive but once you stand out too much, we find a reason to cut you down.

That is NOT how I operate.

In fact, how I operate probably needs a look at too. I love to support others, praise them in what they are doing and acknowledge their achievements. I think it is amazing what some people can do with their time, effort and resources. But when it comes to my own achievements, I down play them or don’t acknowledge what it is I

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have achieved.

So today is all about being out there and bragging – not full of ego but full of acknowledgement of your skills, efforts, persistence and commitment to yourself and your goals. What have you done that is awesome? It doesn’t have to alter everyone’s life, maybe it was just the life of one person that has been improved. Did you get high marks on an exam, did you pick someone up when they fell, pay someones car parking when they weren’t looking, be the best in your field, maybe you are an awesome parent?

Whatever you did, today is the day to acknowledge it. You are better than good, you are great. Someone, somewhere, for some reason is enormously grateful for you and what you do.

For today you have permission to share with someone how good you are, even if you simply email me.

So How Good Are You?

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