How Good Is Your Call To Action?

I spoke to a school group this morning. On the way there I saw a delivery van covered with signage on their products. There was lots of colour and pictures but the sign that stood out was words saying 

“Book with me Now!”

My initial response was ‘Book what?’

You see their signage got attention but you could not tell at a glance what it was for. With signage on a vehicle that moves at somewhere between 40 and 100 km/h you have to be able to understand it in a single glance.

This is a principle that I share with clients in my Exhibiting work. Can you tell at a glance what your stand is about?
It is equally applicable to the action line on an email. If the recipient cannot understand what you want from them at a glance, then you need to rework your call to action.

Are you getting the response you want with your “Call to Action?”

PS Be careful with abbreviations too. This sign was taken by a friend of mine in the USA and I don’t think it says what they want it to!

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